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Reapit Integration

LeadPro sends leads directly to Reapit. This requires the Reapit Foundations integration to be activated.  


Your IT support or a team member with access to the Reapit Marketplace will be required to set up the integration, by downloading the LeadPro app from Reapit’s marketplace.

Once that is done, our team will get a notification that the installation has been done and will sync your account, and notify you about the integration being set up after completion. Although LeadPro doesn’t charge you anything to use /activate the integrations, when you use the Reapit Foundations API to send leads to Reapit, there is a charge from Reapit to send the data. This is £0.0235 per API call which LeadPro passes directly onto you, and is added to your monthly invoice. In case your account does not have an active payment method, you will be prompted to add your credit card details in order to proceed.

Integration Setup

Once you have installed the app, the LeadPro team will set up the integration for you, but it is recommended that you check whether the offices, users, and sources are correctly synced inside of your account.

You can do that from the Integrations tab in the Dashboard’s main menu, after clicking on the Reapit tab. The integrations page will show any users that have not been Synced successfully and will enable manual correction. 

Syncing your leads to Reapit

Once the above steps have been completed, your Dashboard will show the “Sync to Reapit” button on the lead view. In order to sync a lead to Reapit, you will need to assign it to a negotiator/user on your account. Once you do that, you can send the information to Reapit by simply clicking on the button. If the sync is successful, it will show a “Synced to Reapit” message. This is what syncing certain leads will do in Reapit:

  • Syncing a viewing lead (“sale” or “let”) will create a new contact and a new applicant in Reapit

  • Syncing a valuation lead (“vendor” or “landlord”) will create a new contact and a new vendor/landlord in Reapit