Start converting website visitors and portal enquiries into booked valuations today.

lead responder

Better qualify your leads and convert applicants into instructions.

£39 per month

Includes 300 leads, there after  leads are charged at 4p per lead


instant valuation tool

Better convert website visitors or social followers and generate more instructions.

£49 per month

Includes 50 leads, there after leads are charged at 21p per lead



Respond to email leads before other local agents and win more business.

£82.50 per month

Includes 150 mins, there after calls charged at 4p per min


All accounts include 3 users, there after additional users charged at £16 per month

Integrations to other platforms such as your CRM are charged at £25 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Can LeadPro manage leads from multiple sources e.g. Facebook and our website?

Yes, absolutely! LeadPro is able to manage leads from the following sources:

On The Market
Your company website
Facebook Ads
One Dome
Get Agent
Net House Prices

Is LeadPro GDPR Compliant?

Yes, LeadPro is fully GDPR compliant. When an individual contacts your agency they have given consent for you to contact them back, LeadPro is simply the tool you use to respond to their enquiry. All data within your LeadPro account is owned by your agency and LeadPro will never under any circumstances access information within your account without prior consent.

How much does LeadPro cost?

You'll  find LeadPro pricing at the top of this page. We also operate on a 1 month rolling contract basis which means if at any point you decide to leave you can with ease.

Does LeadPro have an API?

Yes we do however it's only available for our valuation tool and to clients who are on the enterprise tier. If you have a specific API question we’d be happy to help, just contact our support team here.

Does LeadPro integrate with any other tools?

Yes, LeadPro is currently integrated with Drip, Many Chat, Bonjoro, Reapit and Jupix. We continue to add more integrations as we further improve the platform. You can suggest new tools for LeadPro to integrate with by clicking on the “Suggestions” button in the bottom left hand corner, when logged into the LeadPro dashboard.

How do I log in?

After you’ve signed up you will receive an email which contains a verification link. Click on this link and this will activate your account. You’ll now be able to login via this page using the email address and password you provided during the sign up process. Please note that sometimes the verification email can end up in your spam or junk folder, so please check this if you do not see the email in your main inbox.

Does the instant valuation tool ask the vendor their selling position?

Yes, once the tool has provided an instant valuation we send the vendor a qualification questionnaire where we collect further information around their selling position.

These agents are already winning more instructions using LeadPro!

"Most leads come in between 8pm - 10pm, with LeadPro we can instantly respond "

Davinder Gharial


"LeadPro gives us a competitive edge against other agents and online agents"

John Chase


"I was pleasantly surprised how many people actually fill out the LeadPro form"

Perry Power


"In our first month of using LeadPro we did two additional valuations"

Ian Fraser


"We've found LeadPro really useful in obtaining background information on all our enquires"

Hannah Drapper


"LeadPro tells me which applicants are pro active so I know who to focus on"

Kristjan Byfield


"The first phone call we have with applicants is much better as LeadPro gives us more info"

Nick Cheshire


"In the first month of using LeadPro we had 19 vendor leads and 3 landlord leads"

Ian Tate


"We save so much time as we have pre vetted information on all applicants using LeadPro"

James Vesper


Plus many more agency brands, totalling to over 500 branches

✅ Same day set-up and training provided.
✅ No lengthy installations or additional software required.
✅ Premium accounts have monthly rolling contract, no lock-in.