Inbox. The dashboard provides an inbox view of leads, where the lead status can be  changed and notes can be left. Agents can sign into the dashboard using their company  email and a unique password. Each unique person that can sign into the dashboard will be  classed as a ‘User’. Leads can be filtered by status, type and office. Leads can be searched  by name, phone number, address and email.   

League Table. The performance of all users will be recorded and displayed in a league  table. Which will display how quickly leads are responded too and what the outcome of  leads are.

Achievements. A page will display achievement badges to users displaying how many leads  they have managed.  Analytics will be provided via a password protected dashboard.  


Lead Management. LeadPro will receive and reply to email leads that are sent to the PO  Clients Branches. Branches are physical estate agency offices that are listed on the PO  Clients website and can be contacted at a unique email address, Branches can conduct  sales business and or lettings business. Email Leads are inbound emails from: tenant  applicants, buyer applicants, vendors & landlords. Email Leads can be sent from the PO  Client’s website, Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market.   

Lead identification. LeadPro will use a computer algorithm to analyse each email and  identify the lead type which include: Tenant Leads, Buyer Leads, Vendor Leads, Landlord  Leads & Financial Services Leads. LeadPro will then send a personalised, fully white labelled  response which can be customised to each lead type. A Tenant Lead is a person who would  like to rent a property. A Buyer Lead is a person who would like to buy a property. A  Vendor Lead is a person who may have a property to sell. A Landlord Lead is a person who  may have a property to let. A Financial Services Lead is a person who may want advice  about financial services. The PO Client must approve any email sent.   

Lead qualification. Each Tenant Lead and Buyer Lead will be sent a link to a qualification  questionnaire. The qualification questionnaire can be customised by the PO Client. It’s  intended to grade the quality of the enquiry, providing the PO Client with qualitative  information about the lead and identifying new business opportunities, such as Vendor  Leads, Landlord Leads and Financial Services Leads.  

Lead routing: Where applicable Vendor Leads and Landlord Leads will be routed to  Branches by postcode coverage. All lead types will be sent to the PO Client by email.  

Lead Analytics. Analytics will be provided to the PO Client daily, these analytics will include:  lead type, lead source, lead questionnaire engagement, quantity and type of Leads  identified. 


Lead Telephony. Any type of email lead can be converted into a phone call. This  conversion will cause the office phone to be dialled, the details of the lead will be played  over the phone and the agent will be given the option to press 1 to be connected to the  lead by phone.   

Instant Valuation Tool

The Instant Valuation Tool (IVT)l is an automated valuation method (AVM), an online property valuation tool and a vendor, landlord and re-mortgage lead generating tool that will sit on the Website to engage and convert website traffic. IVT shows a property estimate along with a high and low valuation range and provides a details report  including historical sold prices and comparable property sales/rentals. The IVT will capture the customer’s or enquirer’s name, email address and telephone number as part of the process. 

The IVT draws data from a variety of sources including (without limitation) data from the Land Registry which contains 20 million sold price records and 23 million other variables which include: 18 million estate agency listings records; Over 2 million surveyor records and 3 million floor plans.

The data will go into an algorithm that the Service Provider has built into the tool. The IVT will give the most accurate automated online valuation possible and will also serve as a lead generating tool to ensure the Client is able to contact significantly more vendors and landlords. 

The Service Provider will design, build and host the IVT and the Client will link to it via an API.

Information on the valuations supplied is intended as a guide only to current market values. The valuation given cannot be considered in any way a substitute for a full and detailed valuation and the valuation is not to be considered in any way a substitute for a full and detailed valuation.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising. LeadPro will either connect to a clients existing Facebook business manager account, or create a new business manager account if needed. LeadPro will Work with the client to gain access to relevant Facebook assets (Facebook page, Facebook pixel, ad account). LeadPro will go on to Setup and configure Facebook tracking pixel, configure conversion events inside Facebook business manager to gather accurate lead data. LeadPro will create audiences, based on pixel data, custom audience data, geographic and demographic data, and look alike audiences. LeadPro will create advert campaigns, including designing the copy and promotional materials, these range from images through to videos and can be fully managed by LeadPro or supported by the client. LeadPro will manage advert delivery to Facebook and where requested instagram. LeadPro will document competitor ads and monitor any ad updates. Campaigns will be optimised to the overall goal of booking more valuations. LeadPro will test advert creative and copy in order to optimise performance, analysing KPI’s to make decisions on ad changes and updating ad creatives on a consistent basis to keep ads fresh LeadPro will provide bi-weekly check in videos updating clients on ad results and changes made to the account so clients are aware of performance.

Mortgage Feature

LeadPro will refer any mortgage request leads identified from the pre-qualification questionnaire provided as a part of the Lead Responder tool to the PO's preferred mortgage broker. These mortgage leads will be referred to the PO Client's mortgage broker by email.

In case the PO Client doesn't have a mortgage broker of their choice, LeadPro can introduce the PO Client to one.