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Manage leads from multiple sources, including all the major portals
Qualify and nurture all your leads
Generate more leads using the Instant Valuation Tool
Get insights into branch and team member performance
Respond to leads quicker with Autocaller
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What our customers say

With LeadPro we've sent 14 mortgage leads in the last 6 weeks
Lisa Hunt
Residential Director, Maguire Jackson
The LeadPro dashboard has allowed our agents to better prioritise leads from all sources thus increasing our revenue
Oliver Blake
Managing Director, Your Move & Reeds Rains
I like the fact we’ve been able to maximise the amount of business booked from our branch
Victoria Mugford
Branch Manager, Your Move
LeadPro gives us visibility on all our opportunities and has increased our lead conversion rate
Ozan Redjep
Partner, Your Move Glenwood
We've found LeadPro really useful in obtaining background information on all our enquires
Hannah Draper
Sales Manager, Martin & Co
We save so much time as we have pre vetted information on all applicants using LeadPro
James Vesper
Founder, The Vesper Group
The first phone call we have with applicants is much better as LeadPro gives us more info
Nick Cheshire
Director, Nest Estate Agents
In our first month of using LeadPro we did two additional valuations
Ian Fraser
Director, Winkworth
Most leads come in between 8pm - 10pm, with LeadPro we can instantly respond
Davinder Gharial
Director, Belvoir!
In the first month of using LeadPro we had 19 vendor leads and 3 landlord leads
Ian Tate
Director, IMove
LeadPro tells me which applicants are pro active so I know who to focus on
Kristjan Byfield
Co-founder, Base Property Specialists
LeadPro gives us a competitive edge against other agents and online agents
John Chase
Director, First Union Estate Agency
I was pleasantly surprised how many people actually fill out the LeadPro form
Perry Power
Managing Director, Power Bespoke


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