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MailChimp Integration

Our Mailchimp integration allows you to automatically add leads to your Mailchimp account.

1. Create a Mailchimp Account

You can do this here.

2. Create a new list (optional - but you’ll need at least one list)

Add a list by clicking on “Lists” the top left corner of the Mailchimp interface.

3. Add merge fields (optional)

If you want to customise the emails you send to users (for instance including their address or valuation), you’ll need to create merge fields. Add any/all of the following merge fields, and you can then use the values in your emails:

INSERT TABLE HERE - http://guides.lead.pro/docs/proval/integrations/mailchimp

FNAME and LNAME merge fields are automatically available, and are the first name and surname respectively.

You can use the above fields in your email by including |MERGE_FIELD| in your email templates - e.g |FNAME| would be converted into the user’s first name.

  • Go to your API Key page in Mailchimp. Click “Create A Key” under the “Your API Keys” header.

  • Paste this Mailchimp API key into the correct box on your LeadPro settings page.

  • On the settings page, click save and then refresh the page.

5. Choose the Mailchimp list to use

  • If everything has worked, once you refresh the settings page , you should see a drop down box with your Mailchimp lists (next to the Mailchimp API key that you just pasted).

  • Choose the list you want to use, and then click save again.

  • New vendor leads will now be added to this list!

  • If you mark a user as spam, they will be deleted from your list. Other changes to status (e.g to Contacted) will also update the user in Mailchimp.