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Jupix Integration

Jupix Integration

LeadPro can send all leads directly into Jupix. This includes leads from all of the portals, as well as leads from your website. In order for LeadPro to send your leads directly into Jupix we require API (application programming interface) access.

Email to Jupix

You must contact Jupix support to request this API key, and ask them to send it to us. Please use the below email template:

to: support@jupix.com

cc: contact@lead.pro

Dear Jupix Support, Please could you send the API Key for {our account} and the office ID's for our account so I can link LeadPro to Jupix?


This to be aware of when implementing this integration: if you're already automatically receiving leads into Jupix, this integration can cause duplicate leads. If this occurs please email contact@lead.pro and provide a screenshot of the duplicates.