Pro Lead Generation

Providing both Estate and Letting agents with a complete Lead Engine to generate new Landlord and Vendors leads on a daily basis. Based on extensive Facebook marketing campaigns, systemised and streamlined nurture processes allowing you to connect with the client by phone, email and video.

Agent Extra

Over 20 years in the industry working with hundreds of estate agents - Lead generation experts Jack & Danny are here to help you get the most out of Pro-Val. Use them as an independent resource, setting up your tool for success, how to use all it's features and tips on converting your leads into appointments that instruct.

These agents are already winning more instructions using LeadPro!

"In our first month of using LeadPro we did two additional valuations"

Ian Fraser


"We've found LeadPro really useful in obtaining background information on all our enquires"

Hannah Drapper


"LeadPro tells me which applicants are pro active so I know who to focus on"

Kristjan Byfield


"The first phone call we have with applicants is much better as LeadPro gives us more info"

Nick Cheshire


"In the first month of using LeadPro we had 19 vendor leads and 3 landlord leads"

Ian Tate


"We save so much time as we have pre vetted information on all applicants using LeadPro"

James Vesper


"Most leads come in between 8pm - 10pm, with LeadPro we can instantly respond "

Davinder Gharial


"LeadPro gives us a competitive edge against other agents and online agents"

John Chase


"I was pleasantly surprised how many people actually fill out the LeadPro form"

Perry Power


Plus many more agency brands, totalling to over 500 branches

✅ Free to start using, no credit card required.
✅ Same day set-up, no lengthy installations or training needed.
✅ Premium accounts have monthly rolling contract, no lock-in.