How much extra revenue are you missing every month?

Many buyers and tenants want a help moving house. You can get paid to introduce them to useful services! You can help your customers while earning extra income, without any extra work...



Moving house can be stressful.

You can make it easier for your customers by recommending useful services, like mortgage brokers and broadband providers.


HelpAsk if you can help?

LeadPro asks customers if they want help with: their mortgage, internet, utilities, insurance, conveyancing and credit score. If they opt in for help their details are referred to a useful supplier.


Get Paid

Get paid for referrals!

Without adding to your workload, LeadPro instantly sends referrals to your preferred supplier. Or you can use our affiliate network of approved suppliers. We track referrals, and make sure you get paid.


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See how you can help tenants get internet arranged for when they move in. 



With no extra workloadyou can significantly increase your revenue & help tenants. LeadPro asks all tenant if they want help setting up their utilities and home move services in their new house 



  • Earn £500-£3,000 extra per year.
  • Works with your existing referral partner.
  • Reduces new tenant support requests in getting their home services set up.

See how easy it is for customers to opt-in for mortgage advice.



65% of houses in the UK are bought using a mortgage. LeadPro asks all buyers if they want mortgage advice and helps you earn mortgage referral revenue even if the buyer ends up purchasing a property from your competitor.


  • Earn £100-650 per mortgage referral that completes a transaction.
  • Track all mortgage referrals that are sent to your broker and ensure you get paid. 
  • Increase your annual revenue.

Make £100-£150 from Mortgage Leads

We've teamed up with Charwin Private Clients, an award-winning mortgage brokerage with 77 five star reviews on trust pilot. Any buyer who opts in for mortgage advice on your LeadPro questionnaire will be called by Charwin Private Clients. 

Charwin Private Clients LeadPro Referral Partner


The referral fee is only paid when the mortgage is approved, this can take 3-6 months from the introduction to Charwin. LeadPro takes a 20% fee on mortgage referrals. The value of a mortgage referral varies based on the amount of money borrowed. 

Make £50 from internet leads

Tenants often don't realise that I can take 4 to 6 weeks to get internet installed. Which is why we've teamed up with Virgin Media, to help tenants get internet and tv arranged for their move-in date. 


Virgin doesn't cover all postcodes, but they have a great call centre that converts 5%-65% of leads, meaning you're very likely to earn some extra cash from this partnership. Referral fees are paid after installation and cool off period, Virgin pays £60 but LeadPro charges a £10 success fee per referral that converts.


Make £150 per conveyancing deal

A good conveyancing company can make or break a sale, which is why we've teamed up with Premier Property Lawyers the largest conveyancing firm in the UK with an excellent track record of helping agents get deals done. 

Premier Property Lawyers LeadPro Referral PartnerLeadPro will ask your buyers if they want help with conveyancing, and you can earn a referral fee even from buyers who don't end up buying with you. LeadPro earns a £20 success fee per referral that converts, but this is paid by Premier Property Lawyers.


Earn £1 for helping tenants improve their credit score

We're sure you've already got a partnership with a credit referencing company, and this is not a replacement for that.

LeadPro has partnered with two companies that help consumers improve their credit score, which should allow them to access finance at better rates and help pass credit reference checks. These companies are CreditLadder and UK Credit Ratings.

CreditLadder LeadPro Referral PartnerIf a tenant joins CreditLadder they continue to pay their rent as they normally do but can benefit from their rental payments being reported to Experian. There is no administration work for the estate agent as CreditLadder handle everything, and the tenant gets to benefit by improving their credit history. Not only that, tenants on CreditLadder are 20 times more likely to pay rent on time versus the national average!

UK Credit Ratings LeadPro Referral Partner

UK CreditRatings have reported that 1/3 of people have mistakes on their credit report that can negatively affect their score. UK CreditRatings lets tenants and buyers check their score for free, and fix any errors! 



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LeadPro sends GDPR compliant referrals to an affiliate network. Making sure your business data is working for you. We've put together a panel of high-quality service providers, that we recommend to buyers and tenants in order to make their home move go smoothly. 


“Make hundreds of pounds more with our referral partners”


By using LeadPro Concierge we will automatically refer leads to these partners, and collect referral commission for you, which will be paid to you on a quarterly basis.


If you already have relationships with existing suppliers, don't worry! You can use our LeadPro Professional service, to have leads automatically sent to your preferred supplier.