How big do you want your business to grow?

LeadPro is going to help you grow in two ways: by getting you more vendor and landlord leads and by helping you turn those leads into clients.


Vendor Leads-1

Find new Vendors.

72% of buyers have to sell their home before they can buy. LeadPro asks every enquirer if they want want your help in selling their home.


Landlord Leads-1Meet new Landlords.

⅓ of moving tenants can introduce you to their landlord. This introduction comes at the opportune time, when the property is about to be empty, and the landlord can benefit from your help.



Impress and convert clients

LeadPro can text and email vendors and landlords with instant valuations of their property & with market rental prices, engaging clients ahead of the competition and prompting them to schedule an advice meeting with you!


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See how we will find you new vendors. 



Would you like more Market Appraisals?


You might not know that 72% of people that buy a house have a house to sell...

LeadPro asks every person that requests a property viewing if they have a house to sell & lets them book a market appraisal online. 


  • Get 3 more vendor leads each month.

  • Beat competitors to market appraisals.

  • Increase your annual revenue.

See how we will find you new landlords.



Would you like more properties under management?

You might not know that 1/3rd of tenants looking to rent can introduce you to their current landlord...

LeadPro asks every tenant that requests a property viewing if they can introduce their landlord.  


  • Get 8 new landlord leads each month.

  • Speak to landlords when they need new tenants.

  • Increase your annual revenue.

LeadPro can email and text vendors before your competitors.

Respond instantly to new business, send them more information about your experience, service and why they should work with you!

Wow vendors and landlords with an instant valuation.

LeadPro has integrated with ProVal, so that vendor and landlords can instantly be sent a fully branded report showing a valuation of their property's sale value or rental value.  

Make it easy to work with you.

Let vendors and landlords book a convenient time to meet with you. A face to face meeting makes winning a new client easier. LeadPro is integrated with ProVal and Calendly making it easy for your new client to select multiple times when they can meet you.


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