What you need to know about your LeadPro dashboard metrics report.

by Sophie Lopresti | Aug 20, 2018 | | 0 comments

As part of the LeadPro service we compile a dashboard that reports on all of your branch’s metrics, keeping you up to date on what’s happening with your business!

We’ll send you a link which we recommend you bookmark in your web browser as the data will update daily. For multiple office groups we can send you an individual report per office and a group report.

The report is important because it gives you a broad overview of your enquiries which you wouldn’t be able to compile from your inbox!


We’ve set out 8 features of the report to make sure you’re accurately tracking your business performance.




  1. You can select a date range to compare the enquiries over different time frames, this enables you to monitor your business performance and identify patterns and busy periods for your business

Never miss a new business lead again.

2. We understand your inbox is a busy place, and although it doesn’t happen, often we understand sometimes things can slip through the cracks.

    • Here LeadPro tracks the amount of vendor, mortgage, landlord, and utilities leads we identify for you.
    • This is important for tracking new business identified by LeadPro because if you click on them, this will take you through to a spreadsheet where all the leads are listed. You can check whos been identified, whos been followed up with, and whos converted into new business for you.




Track your enquiries over time

3. The graph shows how your sales and lettings leads are distributed over time, you can see seasonal and weekly changes in your leads. 



Check engagement with the LeadPro system

4.LeadPro tracks the number of email enquiries you’ve received across sales and lettings

5. The number of people who have completed your LeadPro questionnaire

6. Percentage of enquirers that complete the questionnaire

    • Here you can accurately see how your enquiries are engaging with the LeadPro response compared with the average agent. On average 50-55% of people complete the questionnaire
    • Several of our clients have added SMS message follow ups which has increases the amount of people completed questionnaires to around 74%, read more about it here.




Track source and time of enquiries

7. We track the source of the enquiry.
    • You can see which portals are your busiest
    • We can link to your website and can track and respond to your enquiries from there!

8.  We also track enquiry times

    • You know how many enquiries are being made outside office hours
    • You have piece of mind that even when your office is closed buyers and tenants are able to engage with your brand and furthering their enquiry but completing the questionnaire.
    • On average 55% of enquiries are made outside office hour, we have more on this on our blog here.

If you would like us to send you a link to your metrics report, please click here.

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