How important is it to respond to out of office hour enquiries?

by Sophie Lopresti | Aug 13, 2018 | | 0 comments

More than half of buyer and tenant email enquiries will be sent when your closed, and all of your online agent competitors are replying instantly using technology! You need to have an out of office process in place in order to compete. 

So how many enquiries are made out of hours? 

Of the 200,000 portal enquiries we’ve managed, only 45% of enquiries are made within office hours.

When are enquiries made_

Number of enquiries  vs Hour of the Day

As you can see from the graph above, the busiest hour of the day for enquiries is between 8-9pm, with the hours of 5-9pm being busier than any hour within office hours.


Why should I respond to these enquiries instantly when my negotiators will pick them up in the morning?

  1. Customer experience
    • Prospective buyers and tenants are impressed by an instant response, particularly considering most agents ignore enquiries when they’re closed. We can also follow up on  the initial email response with a text message, showing that you’re a proactive agent. More information on SMS follow us can be found on our blog post here.
    • In the LeadPro questionnaire enquiries can give you the best time for your negotiators to get in contact. This increases the likelihood of reaching the enquirer on the first phone call and saves them time thus making the customer journey smoother.
    • Enquirers feel satisfied that they have helped progress their enquiry by completing the LeadPro questionnaire.
  2. Business growth
    • The LeadPro questionnaire identifies new landlord and vendors leads for you. We can even help you get more market appraisals booked. This information allows your negotiators to effectively prioritise the most high value leads.
  3. Your competitors are responding instantly
    • Online agents are using automatic responses to beat you to new business, having LeadPro in place helps you compete!

But by using technology to respond won’t we lose our personal touch?

LeadPro is not here to replace negotiators, and that human touch of a phone call, but to aid negotiators to have the best conversations possible!

By having enquirers receive the LeadPro questionnaire negotiators know more about the property search so they’re very well prepared for the call. Negotiators already know if there are other properties they currently have listed which fit the search as well as the one the person enquired for, this shows great knowledge and is fantastic in terms of customer experience.

Great service and great personal touch means caring for customers when you’re closed and not ignoring them.

Can LeadPro respond to all of my enquiries or just the ones that are made when we're closed? 


As a default LeadPro runs 24/7 for our fantastic agents, but we understand  great agents have teams who are great at responding to enquiries within office hours. As a result we've received requests for a out of office hours only service.

We've put our excellent development team on the case and we can now respond to enquiries only when your office is closed or respond 24/7, it's up to you. Either way your team can arrive in the morning to a stack of qualified leads!

If you would like to change your LeadPro settings from 24/7 to only responding when you're closed please click below, submit your email address, and we'll make the change for you! 

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If you already have a LeadPro account, and would like to change from 24/7 responses to out of office only, please click below: 

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