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If you’re an ambitious estate agent looking for the tools that will help you get ahead of the competition, and improve customer experience, you’ve probably come across LeadPro and Boomerang from Homeflow. 


So what’s the difference and most importantly, which should you use? 


LeadPro responds to enquiries with a fully branded email response, including branch information and logo, which directs the enquirer to complete a qualifying questionnaire. Within the questionnaire LeadPro can identify vendor, landlord and referral leads as well as information about the property search. The enquirer is redirected to to the agent’s website once they’ve completed the questionnaire. All information gathered by LeadPro is sent through to the agent. More info can be found on our how it works page.

Boomerang from Homeflow responds to enquiries with a branded email. Their emails often include staff profiles, photos, and branch logo. Homeflow’s emails can suggest similar properties that the agent has advertised. The goal of these emails is to bring the enquirer back to the agent’s website and toward similar properties they could be interested in.

When asked if they could provide a general average open rate or click through rate on their emails for all their clients,  Boomerang said they could not. On average LeadPro identifies each agent 3 vendor leads and 8 landlord leads per month, with 55% of people completing the questionnaire.


Feature image-4 Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 16.44.41
Can respond to enquiries instantly 24/7 image-2 image-2
Can respond outside office hours only image-2 Cross
Sends a fully branded response to enquirers image-2 image-2
Same day setup image-2


SMS (text message) follow up image-2 Cross
Integration with ProVal image-2 Cross
Qualifies enquiries image-2 Cross
Identifies vendor leads image-2 Cross
Identifies landlord leads image-2 Cross
Identifies referral leads image-2 Cross
Books market appraisals image-2 Cross
Emails enquirers with a list of similar properties  Cross image-2
No training required image-2 image-2
Directs traffic to your website  image-2 image-2
Cost £50-£250/month £50/month
No set up fee image-2

CrossUp to £150 setup fee if you don't have a homeflow website


Overall they're very different services

It's clear that although LeadPro and Boomerang both offer an automatic response to enquiries, the depth of service is very different.

If you're a Homeflow client, and you can negotiate a free Boomerang account you should be using it. Instant replies are becoming the norm and they are what buyers and tenants expect. But... even if you can get Boomerang for free you should strongly consider upgrading your customer experience and using LeadPro. Why...?

LeadPro doesn't just auto reply, it engages customers. 

LeadPro can email and text customers and it asks follow up questions, this is one of the key difference, it lets buyers and tenants build a relationship with your brand by giving you more information. 

LeadPro also helps you pick up new business

LeadPro provides a fully branded email response directing people to a questionnaire, which identifies vendors, landlords, and referral leads. On average LeadPro identifies each agent 3 vendor leads and 8 landlord leads per month, with 55% of people completing the questionnaire. 

You get more analytics with LeadPro

Every office will receive a metrics report with detailed analytics so you can track how many vendor, landlord and referral leads are being identified and are converting for your business.

new vendor and landlord leads

conversion percentages

rightmove vs zoopla

What do estate agents think? 

Estate Agent Testimonials


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