How top agents devise their marketing strategy!

by Sophie Lopresti | Aug 31, 2018 | | 0 comments

There are plenty of ways you can use marketing to boost your business, but are you using the right methods?

There are countless blogs, articles, and reviews which will tell you exactly what you need to be spending your marketing budget on. But the secret is there is no one size fits all marketing strategy. The correct strategy is the one that delivers the best for you!

Know your metrics


business-charts-commerce-265087Know how many vendor, landlord, and referral leads you’d typically expect. You’ll be able to judge which marketing methods are increasing the number of leads. You’ll also need to know how much you’re spending on each marketing method and know how many leads are being produced by each method.

Knowing your metrics will mean you know if something has a good return on investment. Know how much you’re spending, how many people you’re engaging with, and how many of those engagements are converting into leads for you.

Knowing your numbers is critical! It will allow you to shape your marketing strategy going forward. You should review these numbers every month but at the very least quarterly.

Know what to change


Knowing your metrics will enable you to know what’s giving you the most return. This is where you need to be flexible and unafraid of change. Shape your strategy around methods you know are working for you, and don’t worry about going against the crowd!

For example, all of your local competitors are paying for google ads but you’ve found that the cost per lead is enormous compared to other methods you’re using. Don’t be afraid to stop doing something your competitors are doing for fear of not keeping up with the Jones’. You could use that budget and resources on a method that’s more effective for you and triumph in the long run.

You need to be open-minded about new methods of advertising, perhaps Facebook advertising will provide a good return on investment? New companies and technologies like Adfenix could help you branch into social media marketing. Don’t be afraid of trying something new, it may surprise you!


Know your audience



Know that different demographics respond differently to different kinds of advertising. For example, based on stereotypes alone, students will respond better to facebook advertising then the someone of retirement age, but you’re probably wasting your time trying to reach students with newspaper advertising.

Every piece of marketing will teach you something about your audience, analysis this information and make every new piece of marketing information better than the last!


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