Are you using On The Market?

by Sophie Lopresti | Aug 29, 2018 | | 0 comments

As of August 22nd 2018 OnTheMarket has 10,500 branches, adding 5,000 since February of this year.

OnTheMarket is the third biggest UK residential property portal provider in terms of traffic and 57% of UK estate agents are now using On The Market, are you one of them?


Ian Springett, Chief Executive Officer of OnTheMarket, said:

“As our property stock continues to rise and traffic increases in response to our recent marketing push, we are receiving positive feedback from more and more agents across the country about the level of good quality leads we provide.

“Many agents are relatively small, family-run, independent businesses, which want to see greater value for money from portals, as well as a real choice for consumers when it comes to searching for property.

“As an agent-backed business, OnTheMarket’s strategy allows agents to benefit through fair, sustainable pricing and the ability to invest in, and benefit from, the success of their portal, while keeping agents at the heart of each transaction to leverage their local knowledge and expertise.”


Can LeadPro respond to my OnTheMarket leads?



LeadPro manages the enquiry the same way we do for Rightmove or Zoopla leads. If you’re an agent who’s recently joined OnTheMarket, let us know! We’ll be able to link your LeadPro account so all of your portal enquiries are managed by the LeadPro system.

Drop an email to and let us know you’d like LeadPro to respond to your OnTheMarket enquiries, or give us a call on 020 3868 0187.


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